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IMAGELINK Patron Universal Microform Scanner


Features & Benefits

IMAGELINK introduces the Patron Universal Microfilm Scanner. Engineered to continuously advance with the latest technology, the Patron Universal Film Scanner offers a competitively-priced unit for public access and low volume archival use. Driven by ease-of-use and maximum image clarity, the Patron Universal Film Scanner simply and efficiently digitizes all film and photographic material formats in a single unit.

Key Features

Designed for public use: Walk-up scanner with sturdy construction, customizable interface, Kensington lock security, whisper-quiet operation, optional pay-per-use interface and low maintenance requirements. Ideally suited to library, office and museum applications.

On-demand multi-format scanning: Digitizes roll microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, microcards and photographic slides/negatives with icon-driven touchscreen interface

Scan, print or save: in color, grayscale or bi-tonal

Learn-as-you-go auto focus: Increase efficiency as the Patron Universal Film Scanner learns favorite focus and zoom positions to speed up image access, review and output

User-defined Quick Start window: Customize start-up settings specific to the type of in-house media for improved efficiency

One-button instant capture: Automatically detect and save frames on the film

Flexible output options: Save files to local USB or flash drive; print to hard copy; output to cloud, CD/DVD and email

InterLibrary Loan (ILL) compatible: Fully-compatible with ILL document delivery service

Searchable text (OCR) and annotation output: A valuable Patron Universal Film Scanner UFS option

RapidScan option: Fully-automatic motorized film advance and frame detection for batch scanning

User Ease

  • Single cable connectivity
  • Simple touchscreen commands
  • Excellent image quality
  • Fast rewind
  • Adjustable roller guides to secure and protect film
  • Instant motor stop/start for precision and control
  • Magnetic 16/35mm film platen positioning for best image viewing/scanning
  • Easily fitted with pay-per-use and follow-me capabilities



Compatible Film Types Microfiche; jackets; jumbo fiche; microcards; 16/35mm roll microfilm; cartridge (M-type, C-clip); aperture cards; photographic slides; negatives
Image Sensor High-resolution area array with real-time on-screen view
Lens Optics Production-level, high-end customized lens developed specifically for microform clarity
Capture Mode Grayscale or bi-tonal (Basic Model); Grayscale, Color, or bi-tonal (Plus Model)
Capture Time 1/3 second per image
Reduction Ratio 7x to 60x (Basic Model); 7x to 96x (Plus Model)
Maximum Scan Area 35 x 47/ 1.38 x 1.85 inches (on film)
Output Resolution 100-600 dpi
Output Options Scan to file, USB, print, email, cloud (Basic Model); Scan to CD/DVD, file, USB, print, email, cloud (Plus Model)
Focus Adjustment Automatic and manual
Sensor Optimization Included; fully adjustable optical image rotation
Zoom Adjustment Motorized (optical) and digital
File Formats TIFF (raw, compressed, multi-page); PDF (single, multi-page); JPEG; JPEG 2000; BMP
Integrated USB Output Two built-in USB 2.0 ports*/flash-drive ports (* with backward compatibility)
Scanner Standards Touch-screen; manual and motorized roll film pods; smart edit (Basic Model);
Touch-screen; manual and motorized roll film pods; smart edit; opaque microcard LED, 3M adapter (Plus Model)
Scanner Options Vendor interface kit; RapidScan Batch Scanning; OCR and Annotation; Vendor Interface kit; 3M adapter; Opaque microcard LED (Basic Model);
Vendor interface kit; RapidScan Batch Scanning; OCR and Annotation (Plus Model)
Light Source Custom-calibrated, color-compatible LED array
Security Integrated Kensington lock slot
Interface USB 2.0 (Basic Model); USB 3.0 (Plus Model)
Operating System Windows XP; Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit);
Windows 8 (Metro Tile interface)
Dimensions 50 x 290 x 200 mm/17.7 x 11.4 x 7.9 inches
Weight 7.2 kg/16 lbs



For IMAGELINK Patron Universal Microform Scanner parts, supplies and service, please contact or call (585) 500-4400.